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Wheel Exchange

Service currently being offered for these wheels ONLY:

Bugaboo Cameleon front wheels (all models)

Bugaboo Donkey back wheels

Baby Jogger City Mini front wheels

Baby Jogger City Select front wheels

Baby Jogger City Premier front wheels

I am offering a wonderful new service!

You could receive between £3 and £5 (per wheel) refund on your order, in exchange of your old worn out wheels! 

I am so happy to be offering this service, as it is going to stop more items going to the landfill, and they will be recycled instead! 

Here's how it work's:

  • Buy the wheel, as you would normally. 

  • Add a message during checkout (or afterwards), saying you would like to use the exchange service.

  • In the box with your refurbished wheel, there will be a return label, remove from box. Leave the return slip inside (so I know who has sent me their worn wheel).

  • Put your broken, worn out wheel inside the box.

  • Seal box and add return label to the outside.

  • Then drop off at your local post office (keeping the proof of postage for your records) or you can pay for royal mail to collect from you, which will be 72p at most. Using this link -

  • Once I've received your wheel, a your refund will be refunded via paypal within 48hrs.


  • It is between £3 and £5 refund per wheel. Which depends on the condition of the wheel. If you would like to know how much beforehand, please feel free to send me some photos over. The exchange service, is for the same wheel you are purchasing, not for any others! 

  • To receive the return postage label in the box, please message me before I send out your refurbished wheel. I can still accept exchanged wheels, after this, it will just be a slightly different process.

  • I can also buy your wheels off you, without you making a purchase. Please message me for this service.

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